Dressmaking made easy

By McCall


McCall revealed Pattern
Treatment of Materials
Cutting and stitching Hints
Care of Clothing
Standard physique Measurements
How To Take Measurements
Altering the Pattern
Circular Skirt
Laying Out Material
Cutting the Garment
Tailors' Tacks
Constructive Stitches
Seam Finishings
Bias Binding
Bound or confronted Openings
Collars and Notch Collar
Side Openings
Darts and Tucks
Buttons—Snaps—Hook and Eye
Position for Button & Buttonhole
Loops for Buttons
Corded Piping
Inserted Pockets
Belt and Belt Strap
Openings With Slide Fastener
Applying Lace
Hand Hemstitching
Decorative Stitches
Tailored Garment With Notch Collar
Coat Interlining
Unlined Coat, Furs, etc.

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Three. If dart is desktop stitched, tie unfastened ends of thread at backside right into a knot, on flawed aspect of fabric. four. For heavy fabrics, lessen dart after seam is joined, press open and overcast edges. i •> J \ three \ ^1\ M\ J ! %I TUCKS 1. indicates stitching traces marked with tailors' tacks. 2. shape tucks by way of bringing corresponding traces jointly and stitching with a very good working sew. three. Press all tucks to at least one part. four. indicates tucks at the opposite part of ma- terial. \ ' 1. «• • • X ■■-. PLEATED TUCKS 1. indicates tailors' tacks for pleated tucks. 2. deliver traces jointly and pin in place. three. indicates tucks pinned in place. four. sew with reference to folded edges. fifty seven PLEATS aspect PLEATS Pleat strains can be marked with tailors' tacks, tailor's chalk or tracing wheel. part pleats run in a single path. shape pleats by means of bringing corresponding traces to- gether; then baste to carry in place and press. field PLEATS After pleat strains are marked, shape field pleats and baste to carry in place; then press. INVERTED PLEAT The inverted pleat is made through bringing 2 folded edges jointly, which shape a field pleat at the improper aspect. STITCHED PLEATS shape pleats and sew on the subject of folded edges. Tie unfastened ends of threads jointly on incorrect part of fabric. MAKING HEM AT reduce PLEATED facet sooner than urgent pleats, make hem at decrease part; then press pleats. whilst seam is joined less than a pleat, clip seam edges at most sensible of hem; then press open lower than clipped edges and make hem. fifty eight INSET—GODET—FLOUNCE placing THE INSET 1. scale down corners of garment, as regards to stitch- ing line. 2. flip lower than seam allowance and baste. three. observe inset to place on garment with corresponding seam edges even; then pin and baste. four. flip to correct aspect and sew with reference to folded area. placing THE GODET 1. Make slashes in curved fringe of garment, with regards to stitching line. 2. flip less than seam allowance and baste, being cautious to make the curve a tender or even define. three. practice godet to put on garment, with corresponding seam edges even; then pin and baste. four. flip to correct aspect and sew with regards to folded aspect. four, I \ . '/ V \ '/ V \ '/ V \ '/ ok" \\ 1 it V it / v J u SJ L \ \V utilizing THE round FLOUNCE 1. Make slashes in curved fringe of flounce, just about stitching line. 2. position flounce in place on garment, correct aspects of fabric jointly and baste; then sew. fifty nine WORKED BUTTONHOLES undeniable BUTTONHOLE 1. Mark place for buttonhole and rein- strength with a number of rows of desktop sewing earlier than slashing. 2. starting at internal finish, paintings buttonhole sew down one part, proceed round outer finish and alongside the opposite facet. three. on the internal finish, make a number of stitches throughout cut back, forming a bar-tack. Make blanket stitches over bar-tack and during the fabric. four. indicates the completed buttonhole. W) iimiiir// sili'i'iimiiiiliii'i'v^ WITH BAR-TACK AT every one finish 1. Mark place for buttonhole and rein- strength with a number of rows of desktop sewing ahead of slashing. 2. starting at one finish, paintings buttonhole sew down one part from correct to left.

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